We are steadily moving towards having our trading volumes increase
Our flexible sales policy is just one of the special characteristics which allows us to have close partnerships with Suppliers and Clients and keeps us focused on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, while managing all aspects of the supply chain from producer to consumer. We are steadily moving towards having our trading volumes increase, since we have constantly built our extensive presence and provided our business partners with a full range of services, such as optimized logistics, financing and insurance.
Financing Services
ICI SUISSE has the financial strength to give you confidence in counterpart performance and dependability. Worldwide merchandising and trading often requires flexibility when providing financial solutions. ICI SUISSE has an experienced Financial Department and strong relations with reliable European banks. We strive to provide products and services aimed to meet our customers’ most current needs. ICI SUISSE can help you better forecast your revenues through our technical expertise and extensive financial resources, all part of the financial service we offer based on our in-depth knowledge of industry pricing.
Chartering & Transportation Services
ICI SUISSE uses a wide variety of modes of transportation by both land and sea to get products to Customers. Coal is delivered in bulk by rail, road and sea. Our experienced logistics staff selects the best possible export routes, in terms of logistics and cost-effectiveness. ICI SUISSE offers you a selection of top-performance logistic solutions, from prompt land delivery to a combination of various ports and different products on the same vessel. ICI SUISSE has resources to meet your customers’ needs, regardless of the size, be it one truckload delivered to one plant, or 10 shiploads unloading at a major port and regardless of whether it is done regionally, nationally or internationally.
Anthracite can be used as an effective and low-cost substitute of expensive Coke. Anthracite by its nature and by technical parameters is identical with Metallurgical Coke and depending on application can be used as a partial or full substitute of expensive Coke.
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