The Company has a well-known reputation for reliability and performance in all segments
ICI SUISSE is a rapidly growing company which, thanks to our highly professional team, possesses profound knowledge of the world‘s markets and products. Thanks to such an approach the Company has a well-known reputation for reliability and performance in all segments. We aretrustworthy and opened to our colleagues and partners. We take responsibility for what we say and what we do. That's why the application of company wide expertise in merchandising, trading, credit, law and logistics has led to the consistent successful implementation of our trading and business strategy. In ICI SUISSE we are certain that the consistent expansion of our business is a direct result of the identification and execution of all our projects.
Our goal is to provide a profitable environment for our customers and suppliers, fulfilling their requirements by offering reliable, prompt and trustworthy service. We want to achieve consistent and time-proof growth, transforming ICI SUISSE into a leading trading company. To succeed, we will deliver leading financial and operational performance, remain at the forefront of innovation and develop a company culture based on our core values of reliability, performance and teamwork. ICI SUISSE offers a world-class commercial services to help create opportunities with less risk, working capital and more transparency when serving your customers' supply chain.
Since its inception, the growth of the company has been remarkably swift. In 2002, its first full year of operation, ICI achieved a turnover of 50,000 metric tons. In the subsequent years, the turnover has continually risen and, since 2008, has remained at over 250,000 metric tons per annum.

ICI SUISSE is conducting sales in more than 20 countries.
Social Responsibility
We adhere to the legal provisions and official standards of the countries in which we do business. Beyond that, we attempt to behave, day by day, with absolute fairness, integrity and social responsibility. While we accept and welcome the frequent challenges and changes presented by a fast-paced world, we believe, at the same time, that we can cultivate continuity in our values and overall business policy, as well as provide our employees and partners with the highest possible degree of security.
Anthracite can be used as an effective and low-cost substitute of expensive Coke. Anthracite by its nature and by technical parameters is identical with Metallurgical Coke and depending on application can be used as a partial or full substitute of expensive Coke.
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